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About Me

Hi I am Mat, The Founder and Lead Advisor of Sprout Financial Services.

I have been an advisor since 2007 and really enjoy the profession and being able to help people.

My clients are from all over New Zealand, and with the use of technology I can meet with them for all their needs via online meetings, on the phone or in person.

My background prior to entering the financial services profession, was in the hospitality industry, as well as training and becoming a qualified Scuba Instructor.  I no longer teach diving, but I still enjoy the odd dive for scallops, a crayfish, or just to look at the underwater world.

I have a passion for customer service, and enjoy client interactions, both with new clients and existing clients, who after many years of working together have become good friends.

I really enjoy being able to help my clients to implement a plan that will work for them both now and into the future, especially around the protection and creation of their wealth, and I help my clients cut through the industry jargon, to help them understand the sometimes complex, and to make an informed decision around their financial plan.

My Aim is to  help my clients get the best plan available to them for their needs, to be there for them when they need it,  and put them in a better place financially should the unforeseen happen.

In 2014 I qualified to join MDRT – the worldwide association for financial professionals for the top 5% of advisors worldwide.  I attend their annual meeting usually in North America, where we spend a week learning new ideas to help us bring back to the business, implement them, and offer our clients better solutions and services.

These events have really helped me give my clients an even more professional service and have more effective processes in the business.  And are a great way to learn from others from around the world, which gives me a global perspective on the Financial Advice Profession.

I also now volunteer for MDRT, helping to organise and run these meetings and also to give back to a profession which has served my clients and I very well, by speaking at industry conferences, and events to help other advisors learn processes and ideas for their businesses, and the profession as a whole.

In my spare time I love to travel and I have a passion for motorsport –  especially Formula 1.

My goal is to travel to somewhere new each year.

My favorite places so far have been Europe, New York City, and Vietnam…..but who knows by next year the list could change?  And one day, I hope to see every F1 race in one season .. Maybe after I retire.

I do hope that if you are reading this, we can meet soon  and I can serve you as your Financial Advisor .