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Ensuring your businesses future success whatever comes your way.

Running a business is a full time job and then some. You’ve got to have knowledge, experience, foresight, common sense and a little bit of luck in order to master the basics needed to generate business success. You need a business plan that will see you grow, develop and succeed. And that business plan needs to cover things that can sometimes be outside of your control so that if something does happen you are prepared.

Consider what would happen if your business lost a key staff member. How about if you were unable to work in the business because of an illness? How is your business impacted if a business partner suddenly needs to sell shares?

Are you on the best ACC Structure for your business? we can discuss with and help with any ACC questions you have and implement a plan that restructures your ACC so you are set up best if an accident or illness occurs and you cannot work in your business.

The ultimate question is this…can your business survive without creating unnecessary hardship on you or the business?
We will work with you, looking into the business and identify the areas where you may be exposed to risk. Most businesses have protected against loss of property or damage to property, as well as their liabilities, but what if something happened to you or the people that rely on you?

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Business Life Cover

Provides a lump sum if you or an insured key person dies. The money can be used to reduce business debt or replace income that would have been generated by the key person.

Share Protection

What if something happened to one of your business partners? Could you afford to buy their estate out? A share protection plan helps to fund share purchases in the event of death or disablement of a shareholder.

ACC Restructure

If you are a sole trader, or a company and take drawings instead of a salary, you probably are paying the top rate for ACC.

Through our ACC Restructure, we discuss if restructuring your ACC is a good idea for you or not, it could save you money on your ACC levies each year, and then we will help making sure you are well protected in case of an accident, illness, or disability.

Start-Up Income Protection

It provides a monthly payment if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury to those business owners that have been trading for less than 3 years.

Business Continuity

If you or a key person were out of action, how long could your business survive on cash reserves and goodwill? This insurance provides a monthly payment should you or key staff be unable to work due to accident or illness.

Business Interruption Insurance

Covers the reduction in turnover following an event at an insured location, e.g. a fire in a factory and the premises couldn’t operate.

Group Insurance

Workplace insurance refers to insurance provided to employees by their employer or offered to employees through their place of work. This type of insurance is often called a group scheme.

Liability Insurance

This insurance covers you and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage.

Commercial Property

Provides protection for damages to commercial property.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Covers commercial vehicles from damages or theft.

What Our Clients Say

I have worked with Mat and the team for many years now, and really took the time to understand what I needed, which was reasonably complicated. Mat was able to sit with me and ask the right questions, then came back with what was a really realistic option for me. Working with the team I was really pleased with the result, and glad I took the time to set everything up for the future, I look forward to working with the Sprout team more in the future.
Rupert Gough
Mat provided me with what I feel was a great service and a good end result. He is a pleasure to work with and came up with well analysed creative solutions for which product was the best fit. He knows his stuff!
Ashley Kirk

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